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Can Dogs Eat Eggplant? Is Eggplant Bad For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Eggplant? Is Eggplant Bad For Dogs?

Eggplant is a great vegetable. It’s a source of many vitamins and minerals necessary for your health.

This is the primary reason why people eat eggplant. The secondary reason is – it can be so delicious when prepared right!

It can be cooked, baked, and even fried. So, it’s pretty easy to prepare it according to your preferences.

Today, we decided to make some super tasty meals with eggplant. The nice smells surrounded the kitchen, and eventually the whole first floor.

Every family member peeked their nose in the kitchen to see what was cooking. Of course, the dog was no different by any means.

We would have given it straight away if we knew that eggplant is something dogs can eat safely. But, as we all know – dogs cannot eat everything humans can.

Truly, what about eggplant? What happens to dogs when they eat eggplant?

We did thorough research and found out all about dogs and eggplants. So, read the article to find out yourself!

Can Dogs Eat Eggplant?

Dogs cannot eat everything humans can – we already know this. For example, humans enjoy chocolate whereas dogs can even be seriously harmed by even ingesting a small piece.

So, to be completely honest – dogs can eat eggplant, and they’re perfectly safe doing so.

Just be careful when you’re giving the eggplant for the first time. We recommend that you introduce this vegetable to the pet’s diet first.

Dogs can develop hypersensitivity and food allergies just like humans. So, if you notice some unusual or lethargic behavior when you gave the pet something new – discontinue the use!

Introducing Eggplant To Your Pet’s Diet

Whenever you decide to give the pet something new to eat – it’s principal that you introduce it. Introducing food consists of giving the pet a small quantity of food the first time. This way, you can check if they are sensitive or allergic to the food.

Each next time, you give them a little more and so on. This is the best method to give your pet something new without the worry they might not respond well to it.

Also, dogs can be put off by some foods, especially if those foods look nothing like meat. So, the easiest way to do it is by mixing it with regular dog food.

Is Giving Eggplant To Your Dog A Good Idea?

Yes and no. It’s a good, nutritious vegetable – there is no doubt about it.

On the other hand, regular dog food is amazing for your pet. It’s perfectly balanced out and it gives them all the necessary nutrients they need to thrive and survive.

Do note that dogs need a lot more meat in their diet compared to veggies. They may be omnivores by nature, but they require a more carnivore diet.

If you fail to provide your dog with enough meat, the changes will be noticeable soon enough. The dog will not be as happy and playful as it used to be.

When in doubt – just use dog food and store-bought treats. They work like a charm!

Serving The Dog Eggplant

So, if you decided to give eggplant to your dog, there are a few things to remember.

First, it’s best to give the pet eggplant prepared specifically for them. Even if you’re tempted to give them some of your eggplant parm – we would like to advise you against that.

Food prepared for humans often contains too much salt for your dog’s wellbeing. It can also contain some herbs and spices your dog simply cannot stand.

For example, if the dish has any hot peppers – even some kind of mild-tasting ones, don’t give it to the dog. You could seriously harm their health!

It’s best to boil some eggplant and cut it up nicely. When dogs get excited about some new food, they can forget to chew and it can even cause an intestinal blockage.

Always cut it up to tiny bits. Also, the eggplant can be baked in the oven, but make sure to use little to no oil – because it can be hard to digest by your furry baby.

Serve it plain, without adding salt or anything else. You can add it to regular meals, or you can serve it alone.

Can Eggplant Be A Treat For Your Dog?

Of course, it can! Eggplant can make a tasty and healthy treat for your doggie. It’s a pretty good idea to use eggplant for this purpose.

Just make sure to remember the 10% rule. This rule is that treats shouldn’t make over 10% of the daily food ingested by your pet.

Correct Dosage Of Eggplant For Your Dog

Toy breedsSmall breedsMedium breedsLarge breeds
One small sliceOne sliceTwo-three slicesUp to six slices

When you’re giving the dog eggplant, you mustn’t overdo it. Sure, eating this specific veggie can be great for your dog.

However, it will not make your dog any more healthy if it eats too much eggplant. It may even cause your dog some tummy woes.

Eating too much eggplant at once can give your dog diarrhea or even cause an intestinal blockage. If you can tell your dog is lethargic or acting unusually, go to the emergency vet as soon as possible!

On the other hand, if your dog only seems like it’s experiencing mild troubles, some pumpkin puree will do the trick. If it doesn’t, for any reason – a visit to the veterinarian will clear that out.

Dh Can Dogs Eat Eggplant

Benefits Of Dogs Eating Eggplant

Eggplant is pretty healthy – even for dogs. The main reason is that eating eggplant can reduce your dog’s risk of heart disease. It contains vitamins B6 and CC, potassium, and fiber – which are all important in the fight against heart disease.

Eggplant lowers your dog’s blood pressure because it contains anthocynanins. The chlorogenic acid, found in eggplant, can prevent cancer, prevent viral infections, and lower levels of bad cholesterol. Eggplant can also enhance your dog’s brain function.

Another great thing about eggplant is that it’s the perfect snack for an overweight dog. Eggplant has a low-calorie count, which makes it the ideal option for doggies on weight watch. Many similar vegetables have a high-calorie count – so eggplant is the wisest choice among them when cooking for your pup.

Let’s check out the nutritional value of 3 ounces of eggplant:

Total Carbohydrates8.6g
Dietary Fiber2.5g
Vitamin C1.3mg

Risks Associated With Dogs Eating Eggplant

Well, we already mentioned food allergies. Dogs can be allergic to pretty much anything, even eggplant. If you’re not sure what allergies in dogs look like, look for rashes, upset or sore tummy, facial swelling, itchiness, and vomiting.

If any of these occur after eating eggplant, contact the vet. One life tip: if your dog is allergic to tomatoes, chances are she will be allergic to eggplant too. These two vegetables both belong in the nightshade family.

The nightshade vegetable family means they contain solanine, a naturally occurring alkaloid. What’s troublesome about this alkaloid is that it can be toxic when ingested in large quantities. So, it’s best to give your dog a moderate amount of eggplant at best.

If you grow eggplants on your own, keep the dog away from them with a fence or something similar. Eggplant leaves contain even more solanine, which can potentially be lethal to your pet.

And one more thing – dogs that deal with kidney syndromes or diseases, as well as arthritis, should avoid eggplant at all times. Their condition and wellbeing can worsen due to oxalates in eggplant.

Oxalates worsen the absorption of calcium in the bloodstream. So, it can result in developing some kidney stones, especially when eating eggplant in large amounts.

A small amount of eggplant is perfectly fine to eat, but if your dog is prone to kidney troubles, they are best avoided at all times.


To conclude, dogs can eat eggplant safely. In reality, eggplant is healthy for your pup – but only when eaten in moderation.

Too much eggplant can have a negative effect on the dog’s health for a few reasons. Number one is because too many veggies can be hard to digest. And the other one would be the concentration of alkaloids in nightshade veggies.

So, if you really want your dog to enjoy eggplant, there are a few things to remember. Don’t go over our recommended dose, make sure to cook it without salt and spices.

Fried eggplant may be super tasty for you, but it’s not the greatest idea in the world to feed your pet fried eggplant. Stick to boiled and baked veggies – they are the safest because these methods of cooking don’t require oil. Fats and oils are hard to digest by dogs, so they’re best avoided altogether!

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