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Can Dogs Eat Okra? Is Okra Bad For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Okra? Is Okra Bad For Dogs?

Okra is a super tasty and healthy plant. It’s usually grown in West Africa, Ethiopia, and South Asia. Now, it’s grown all over the world!

However, the health benefits of okra alone are enough to make it so popular – the taste is just a plus. We’ll cover the benefits it has, as well.

So, you learned about okra and how good it can be for you. Every one of us is struggling to eat clean, and you’re no different. It’s not easy, it takes work, but in the end, it pays off.

You prepared okra for dinner, and even while you were just cooking, the whole family peeked in to see what is cooking. The smells were great, even your dog could agree.

Once you started serving, the dog started to whine for some. That’s not usual for your pet, so it was a little bit of a surprise. It smells great if your dog wants some, too, right?

Of course, if you knew whether okra was a-okay for your pet, you would’ve served some to him. But, you’re not. So, to find out can dog eat okra, continue reading!

Can Dogs Eat Okra?

Most of us like to make a variety of foods to let our pets know we love them and cherish them. Sure, giving the pet the same old food every time won’t make him like it any less!

It’s still nice to prepare something new from time to time. Can okra be that something new?

Without further ado, yes! Dogs can eat okra, and it can even be a good thing for a dog to eat okra. There are a few things to keep in mind, though.

This is important: you have to introduce the food to your pet before it makes a regular thing in their diet.

Food hypersensitivity and allergies exist in dogs just like humans! It can be a mistake to give your pet something, and it can even potentially kill your dog.

Always be careful when you’re giving the dog something new. If you notice unusual behavior or lethargy, discontinue the use immediately!

Introducing Okra To Your Pet’s Diet

Introducing an item is very important, we already talked about that. But, what does introducing a food item consist of?

Introducing a new food item is a method to prevent your dog from being put off by something new. Dogs tend to be put off by foods that look nothing like meat. And let’s face it…okra looks nothing like meat.

So, if you want your dog to eat okra sometime, you can give them a tiny portion the first time. Then, if all goes well, you give the pet a little more the next time and so on and so on.

Eventually, you will reach the full allowed portion and your dog will have a great time eating okra. Once again, just be safe and watch their reaction afterward!

Serving Okra To Your Pet

When you’re making okra for yourself and your family, you can do whatever you want with it. There is no method of cooking that’s a bad idea – except maybe avoid fried okra if you’re on a restricted diet. 

For dogs, it’s a little more specific. Let us start by saying that you should never give okra prepared for humans to your dog.

There are far too many hazards in food made for your pet. First, many herbs and spices could not only upset your puppy’s tummy, but it can result in an expensive visit to the emergency vet.

Next, let’s talk about ways to prepare okra for your pet. Your dog should never, ever eat fried okra! And that is a must!

Dogs cannot digest oil as well as humans do. Also, oils and fats are not good news for their health, either. Can dogs eat butter, while we’re at it? Read our article to find out!

If you want the dog to eat okra, boiling okra in hot water or baking it with little to no oil is the best idea. Of course, avoid adding any salt or any spice. It may seem bland to you, but your dog will love it!

Make sure to chop okra up in small bits. That’s important because dogs tend to get very excited about new food.

Because they’re so excited, they can forget to chew and start to choke. All that can result in some spitting, choking, and intestinal blockage.

Intestinal blockage can be a serious medical condition. It can potentially kill your dog, so be careful to dice it well!

Dosing Okra For Your Pet

Toy breedsSmall breedsMedium breedsLarge breeds
Up to a teaspoon of diced okraUp to a tablespoon of diced okra⅓ of one okraUp to half an okra

These are the recommended doses for dogs. Don’t go overboard – okra is healthy only when eaten in moderation!

Can Okra Make A Tasty Treat For Your Pet?

Yes! Okra can make a great treat for your pet, but don’t make it a regular thing.

It’s great when eaten from time to time only. Just make sure to remember the 10% rule – treats shouldn’t make over 10% of the daily food ingested by the pup.

Okra shouldn’t be eaten daily, do note that. Once a week, twice a week maximum works like a charm!

Benefits Of Dogs Eating Okra

We know that okra is healthy, that’s without a doubt. Let’s check out the nutritional value of 3.5 ounces of okra:

Calories33 kcal
Total fat0.2g
Total carbohydrates7g
Dietary fiber3.2g

We can see that okra doesn’t have too many carbs, especially sugar. Dogs eating sugar is never a good idea. 

Not only is okra safe, but it’s also good for dogs. After you introduce okra to your pet’s diet, you can see how good your furry baby is feeling!

Okra is fiber-rich, so it’s good for your pup’s intestinal tract. Also, the insoluble fiber in okra helps lower blood sugar levels, thus preventing diabetes and similar diseases.

Vitamin B found in okra supports the immune system and keeps your dog playful and vibrant. Minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium are found in small doses. 

Those doses may not be enough for humans, but they do a good job for dogs. These minerals keep the dog’s bones and nervous system healthy!

The antioxidants found in okra protect the dog’s skin from free radicals. They will help prevent cancer in dogs!

Also, okra doesn’t have a lot of fat in its contents. Fat-rich foods can be hard to digest by dogs, and they can even cause obesity when eaten regularly!

Dh Can Dogs Eat Okra

What If The Dog Eats Too Much Okra?

Sometimes, life happens and you get caught up in something. You didn’t even notice that you left okra on the table.

The dog sneakily waited until you left and cleaned up the plate. What will happen to him now?

Well, it could be something, but it could be nothing, too. Watch how the dog is behaving afterward. If the dog starts acting unusual or lethargic, go to the emergency vet.

Some diarrhea and vomiting are to be expected. Give the furry baby some pureed pumpkin to soothe its tummy. If the symptoms persist for longer than, let’s say, two to three days, consult a vet about some meds that might help.

All in all, be careful about your dog eating okra and similar foods. They are safe in small doses, but they’re not the best idea when eaten excessively!


To conclude, dogs can eat okra. It’s perfectly safe and many dogs seem to love it!

However, you must introduce any food item before you make it a regular part of the dog’s diet. Food allergies exist in dogs, too!

When it comes to serving okra for dogs, avoid giving them okra you prepared for yourself. Human meals contain too much salt, herbs, and spices for the dog. It can be dangerous and even lethal for them!

Boil the okra or bake it in the oven for the best results. Fried okra can be tough on the dog’s tummy, though.

Okra’s super healthy, and will provide your dog with all the necessary nutrients your dog needs. It will even prevent diabetes and cancer – keeping your dog playful for years to come! Keep in mind our advice and your dog will enjoy eating okra!

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