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Can Hamsters Eat Bananas?

Can Hamsters Eat Bananas?

Hamsters are a popular pet and many people want to know if they can eat bananas.

The answer is yes, hamsters can eat bananas. Bananas are a good source of dietary potassium and vitamin C, which are important for hamsters.

However, too much banana can cause weight gain in hamsters, so it is important to only give them a small amount as a snack. A small amount of banana a few times a week is a good treat for a hamster.

In this article, we will look at the nutritional value of bananas, whether or not too much banana is dangerous for a hamster and if they can eat banana peels.

What Are Bananas?

Bananas are easy-to-peel fruits that come in a peel with stringy fibers running through them. They have soft sweet flesh that can be eaten by humans or animals. Bananas contain plenty of potassium, magnesium, and fiber for humans. They also contain some B vitamins.

Bananas come in several colors (yellow, green, or red) with yellow bananas being the most common variety sold commercially. Bananas are usually picked while they are still green so that transportation time to stores is minimized. Once at home, ripened bananas can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Banana Nutrition for Hamsters

Hamsters are omnivores and in the wild, they would eat seeds, grasses, roots, fruits, and insects.

They are adapted to be able to digest a very wide range of foods due to the contents of their cheek pouches, which they use to transport food back to their nests or underground burrows.

In captivity, hamsters eat commercial hamster mix, but it is good to give them small amounts of fruit and vegetables as snacks.

Bananas are low in fat and high in sugar so it is important not to feed them too much.

Hamsters should be given a small amount of banana a few times a week and never more than about 20g per day, which equals roughly one small banana.

Banana Ingredients for Hamsters

Bananas are rich in dietary fiber, vitamin B6 and potassium, but are low in fat, sodium, and protein.

One large banana contains about 27g of carbohydrate of which 23g is sugar.

Vitamin B6 helps the body break down protein for use as energy, is important for the formation of red blood cells, and plays a role in brain development.

Dietary fiber is important for the digestive system and is often lacking in the diet of a hamster.

Banana Nutritional Information Per 100g

  • Energy 422kcal
  • Carbohydrate 105g
  • Sugars 27.11g
  • Dietary fiber 3.4g
  • Fat 0.33g
  • Protein 2.4g
  • Vitamin B6 0.44mg (27% DV)
  • Potassium 728mg (15% DV)

Do Hamsters Like to Eat Bananas?

Yes, hamsters can eat bananas and they will enjoy the taste. Hamsters are very curious creatures, which means that if they see a banana, they are likely to try it.

Bananas are a good source of dietary potassium, vitamin C, dietary fiber, and vitamin B-6. They also have a low glycemic index, which means they won’t cause a spike in blood sugar levels.

Hamsters should not eat bananas if they have any seeds. The banana’s skin itself is fine to eat, but the seeds could be a choking hazard or cause an intestinal obstruction.

Ripe bananas also contain serotonin, a chemical that has been known to be toxic in large quantities. While it’s unlikely that your hamster would eat enough to get sick, there is no need to feed your hamster bananas.

Hamsters should also avoid the peel of other kinds of fruit. The skin could cause problems for their little tummies, so it’s best not to take any chances by feeding them anything but the fleshy part of the fruit.

Further, although bananas contain a lot of potassium, they also have a high amount of sugar, so they should be fed in moderation to keep your hamster’s insulin levels from spiking. If you feed only the banana flesh and nothing else every day, this isn’t an issue. Feeding too many fruits can lead to obesity.


Bananas are not poisonous to hamsters, nor do they contain any chemicals that would hurt them. However, it’s best not to feed bananas too often since they also contain a lot of sugar. Between the seeds and the high sugar levels, there’s no reason to feed your hamster bananas regularly.

The Risks of Feeding Bananas to Hamsters

While hamsters can eat bananas, there are a few risks associated with giving them this type of fruit. For one, bananas are high in sugar and can therefore cause weight gain in hamsters.

Additionally, unripe bananas contain harmful toxins that can cause digestive problems in hamsters. It’s best to only give your hamster ripe, peeled bananas as a rare treat.

Hamsters can eat bananas, but they should only consume ripe, peeled fruit. Unripe bananas contain Tryptophan, which is an amino acid that acts as a natural toxin in the body once ingested. When hamsters consume unripened bananas, their bodies go into emergency mode and attempt to get rid of the toxin by flushing it out of the body through urine. This causes hamsters to pee more than usual, which can lead to dehydration.

If your hamster has eaten unripe bananas before and had loose stools as a result, the best course of action is to monitor them for diarrhea over the next 24 hours. If there is no sign of diarrhea, you can continue with your regular food and water regimen. If, however, diarrhea occurs, it’s best to fast the hamster for 12-24 hours and give them plenty of freshwaters. When diarrhea has cleared up, you can resume feeding them a normal diet again.

As a side note: overfeeding bananas to your hamster can also cause them to gain too much weight.

How to Safely Feed Your Hamster Bananas

Hamsters can eat bananas, but there are a few things to keep in mind when feeding them this fruit.

  1. First, make sure the banana is ripe. Green or unripe bananas can cause diarrhea in hamsters.
  2. Second, feed the banana in moderation. Too much banana can cause weight gain in hamsters.
  3. Third, peel the banana before giving it to your hamster. This will help prevent choking hazards.
  4. Fourth, cut the banana into small pieces so your hamster can eat it easily.
  5. Fifth, watch how your hamster reacts to the banana. If he or she appears to have an upset stomach, discontinue feeding the banana immediately.
  6. Sixth, do not feed your hamster bananas from a can as these may contain harmful preservatives and dyes.
  7. Seventh, check the list of ingredients on the label before buying a banana from a store. If the fruit is coated in sugar, honey, or syrup, don’t purchase it.
  8. Eighth, keep the skin of the banana after you peel it and cook it to make homemade treats for your hamster.
  9. Ninth, feed your hamster one small piece of fresh fruit per day. This will allow your hamster to get the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs without adversely affecting its health.


Many people are surprised that hamsters can eat bananas. It is important to provide your hamster with the right type of banana, though. Green or unripe bananas contain Tryptophan which acts as a natural toxin in the body when consumed by animals and therefore should not be given to them too often.

Ripe peeled bananas are fine for occasional treats but anything more than this may cause weight gain or diarrhea. When you feed your pet only ripe peeled fruit every day, they will receive all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals needed without risking their health from overfeeding as some other fruits might do!

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