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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Crickets?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Crickets?

Bearded dragons are a lizard that can grow up to be between six and twelve inches long. They typically eat insects, other lizards, and small mammals.

Crickets make for an excellent insect-based food source for bearded dragons as they provide the protein and fat content necessary to sustain a healthy diet.

Crickets should be dusted with calcium powder or vitamin D3 supplements before feeding them to your bearded dragon because it may not get enough of these nutrients from its other foods alone. Be sure to feed crickets that are no larger than half an inch in size as larger crickets may cause injuries when consumed by the bearded dragon.

This guide will show you everything you need to know about feeding your bearded dragon crickets.

What Are Crickets? Are Crickets Good For Bearded Dragons?

Crickets are insects that are commonly used as food for pets such as lizards, turtles, birds, fish, rats, and other small animals. Crickets are the most popular feeder insect, due to their availability and nutritional value. Crickets are relatively inexpensive when purchased in bulk quantities.

Crickets should not be used as a staple diet but rather as a supplement or for variety. They supply protein and calcium, which is good for your bearded dragon. Crickets should never make up more than 50% of a bearded dragon’s diet.

Crickets can be purchased at a pet store. They should be kept in a cricket keeper until ready to serve, and fed a variety of vegetables and fruits each day. You can also breed your crickets.

Make sure the crickets you feed to your lizard are not sick or dead before feeding them to your pet.

You can also feed Superworms or mealworms, but they are not as nutritious as crickets and should only be given once in a while.

Do Bearded Dragons Like To Eat Crickets?

Yes, bearded dragons like to eat crickets. In the wild, bearded dragons will eat a variety of insects, including crickets. Bearded dragons in captivity can also eat crickets.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Crickets All The Time?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat crickets all the time. Since they are omnivores, bearded dragons can eat both plants and meat.

However, in captivity, it may be best to only feed your dragon insects every other day rather than every day because insects contain much more calcium than plants, which can cause serious health problems if the dragon eats too many insects.

The Health Benefits Of Crickets For Bearded Dragons

Crickets are a great source of protein for bearded dragons and they also provide important vitamins and minerals. Bearded dragons that eat crickets will be healthy and strong. Crickets are also a very affordable food source for bearded dragons. They are fairly easy to care for and keep. There is a reason that crickets are a staple in the diet of most captive reptiles, including bearded dragons.

Crickets should be gut loaded before feeding them to your bearded dragon. You can also dust crickets with a calcium supplement before feeding them to a beardie. You will want to feed your bearded dragons crickets that are no bigger than the space between their eyes. If the crickets are too big then they can cause intestinal problems for your beardie.

What You Should Know About Feeding Your Bearded Dragon Crickets

Bearded dragons that eat crickets should be kept in cages that have screen tops rather than glass or plastic. This is because crickets can jump very high.

You should not feed your bearded dragon more than 20 or 25 crickets at a time. You also need to make sure that you are only feeding them as many crickets as they can eat within 15 minutes. If you are leaving the crickets in with your bearded dragons for longer periods then they can cause problems with the bearded dragons. This is because they will start to jump around, get on your dragon’s head and be hard to catch.

There are also some other tips that you should follow when feeding your bearded dragons crickets:

Never leave moist food in with the crickets. This can cause mold.

Crickets will eat bearded dragon feces, so keep this in mind when feeding your crickets to your pet. You can simply remove the feces or leave it for the crickets to eat. Bearded dragons will only eat the crickets that are eating their poop anyway, so leaving it there is okay.

Never feed your bearded dragon wild-caught crickets. These crickets can carry parasites and diseases that could be deadly to your bearded dragon.

The Risks Of Feeding Crickets To Bearded Dragons

There are a few risks associated with feeding crickets to bearded dragons.

The first is that crickets can carry harmful bacteria and parasites that can make your bearded dragon sick.

Another risk is that crickets can bite your bearded dragon, which can lead to infection or even death.

If feeding crickets is something that you want to do, then there are some things you can do to reduce the risk of harming your bearded dragon.

Keeping the cricket container clean is one of the most important things you can do. You should also buy crickets from a reptile-specialty store, as opposed to a pet store, to reduce the risk of introducing harmful bacteria into your home.

You should also make sure to feed your bearded dragon a diet high in calcium and vitamin D3.

This can help keep their bones strong and healthy, which will help protect them from any bites.

Finally, you must know how to properly handle a cricket.

This can help keep your bearded dragon safe from harm, and also reduce the chance that cricket will bite you or your pet.

How Many Crickets Can A Bearded Dragon Have?

Bearded dragons can have a lot of crickets! They love to eat them and they are a great source of protein. Crickets also help keep their teeth clean.

Many pet stores sell crickets, but you can also go to bait shops and ask if they have any. You should purchase at least one cup of crickets within the first couple of days of feeding your bearded dragon. After that, you should buy about a cup or so every week or so. You will have to be careful when purchasing them because some crickets can carry Salmonella.

How To Safely Feed Bearded Dragons Crickets?

Bearded dragons will love to eat crickets! You should feed them as many as they want within the first five minutes, and then remove any leftover crickets. This is how you can make sure your bearded dragon has enough food to eat and won’t be eating food that has already been eaten.

You should never leave crickets in the cage overnight, as they can harm your bearded dragon. Bearded dragons can eat up to 100 crickets a day depending on their size, so you will want to make sure you have enough. If you take out any leftover crickets after five minutes, your bearded dragon will not be harmed.


Bearded dragons can eat crickets, but they must be fed within 15 minutes and any leftovers removed. You should make sure to feed your bearded dragon a diet high in calcium and vitamin D3.

Crickets can also bite your bearded dragon, so you must make sure to handle them safely. A lot of pet stores sell crickets for bearded dragons, but you can also go to a bait shop and ask if they have any for sale.

There are many risks associated with feeding crickets to bearded dragons, including Salmonella and hemotoxic venom. There are also some things you can do to reduce the risk and feed your bearded dragon safely without harming it, such as keeping it in a separate area and making sure they have enough food.

Always make sure to research what you need for feeding crickets before purchasing so that you can ensure your pet is safe while eating crickets.