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Can Dogs Eat French Fries? Are French Fries Bad For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat French Fries? Are French Fries Bad For Dogs?

French fries are one of the most popular foods on the whole planet. I mean, who doesn’t love French fries?

They may not be the healthiest thing out there, but they’re so delicious. A burger and fries is something every one of us is guilty of eating it occasionally.

So, those who were having a lazy day today – probably picked up some fast food on the way from work. You unpacked all of it and the food smells surrounded the dining room.

Sure enough, the smell invited the entire family to dinner. Your dog felt invited, too. Every conscious owner tries not to feed the dog food off the table.

But, today your pup isn’t whining, just staring at you with those big, cartoon eyes. Can you give your dog French fries? Can the dog eat it safely, even? Read on to find out!

Can Dogs Eat French Fries?

Without any further ado, yes, dogs can eat French fries. They can do it without getting ill, that is for sure. However safe, you should avoid giving your pet French fries.

Your dog can eat a few fries without the worry it might harm their health. On the other hand, the dog should never eat it on the regular. From time to time, sure – if they absolutely have to, but no more than that.

So, you’re thinking about giving the dog a few fries off the table? Do it if you like!

There’s something to keep in mind, though. Dogs can develop food allergies even on the most common food items, just like humans.

Whenever you choose to give something new to your pet, watch their reaction afterward. If you spot lethargy or unusual behavior, discontinue giving the pet that food!

Can French Fries Be Used As A Treat?

Honestly? No, fries cannot and should not be used as a treat. The 10% rule states that the treats shouldn’t make over 10% of the daily food ingested.

If the French fries make even up to 10% of the daily food – your dog ate too much!

Benefits Of Dogs Eating French Fries

To be fair, there aren’t any benefits to your dog eating French fries. It is okay for the pet to ingest a few, but that’s about it.

Let’s check out the nutritional value of 4 ounces of French fries (medium serving):

Total Carbohydrate45.7g
Dietary Fiber4.9g
Total Fat18.9g
Saturated Fat2.4g
Monounsaturated Fat9.1g
Polyunsaturated Fat5.5g
Vitamin C8.5mg
Thiamin (Vitamin B1)0.4mg
Niacin (Vitamin B3)3.2mg
Panthogenic Acid 0.8mg

So, we can see that French fries are rather high in carbohydrates. While humans can surely get away with eating carbs regularly (usually without weight gain), dogs cannot.

If dogs eat carbs pretty often, they will stop being as playful and they will inevitably gain weight. Obesity in dogs is very dangerous, as it can cause many other diseases and syndromes.

There are a few precious minerals and vitamins in French fries, but it’s simply not enough compared to the bad effects of fries. Don’t let the good amount of vitamin C fool you.

Vitamin C is something dogs simply don’t need in their diet. Why so? Because dogs produce vitamin C in their body naturally! Dogs cannot benefit from vitamin C-rich foods as humans do – they take care of themselves vitamin C-wise.

Also, the French fries are rather high in fat because they’re fried in deep fryers, using canola or vegetable oil. Those oils are high in trans fats, which are very unhealthy.

Eating foods high in fat is not good for the dog. Those types of food can be tough on your pet’s tummy and cause some digestive troubles. 

Why Are French Fries A Bad Idea For The Dog?

Well, the French fries aren’t dangerous per se. If a dog eats French fries on the regular, that can become a problem over time. 

We mentioned earlier that French fries are high in carbs. Carbs can cause obesity, among other things. Obesity in dogs can be more dangerous than human obesity – their whole body suffers because they cannot be as active anymore.

So, how does obesity affect the dog?

Increases risk of heart disease and stroke:Lack of activity affects the heart condition
Increases risk of cancer:Cancer is prevented by a good, balanced diet
Risk of getting diabetes:A bad diet leads to obesity, obesity to insulin resistance, and insulin resistance to diabetes

We can safely say that you can give a few fries to the dog if he really, really wants to. But if he whines for it regularly? Ignore him until he gives up! After all, it’s for his good!

If you decide to toss a few fries to the dog, make sure they aren’t salted. Dogs do need sodium in their diet, but the excessive amount found in fries is not good for them.

Eating too much salt on the regular can lead to a serious illness called sodium toxicosis. If you notice that your dog is behaving unusually – too thirsty and frequent urinating – go to the vet immediately! Sodium toxicosis can be a harm to your pet’s life!

What Is The Best Diet For A Dog?

Our strong recommendation is to stick to dog food. Dog food is perfectly balanced out for your dog’s dietary needs. 

Commercial dog food has all the necessary nutrients your dog could need to thrive and live a happy life. Dog food consists of mostly meat and a few veggies.

Why so? Because even though dogs are carnivores, they need a lot more meat than vegetables in their diet. 

Dogs can be fed regular meat and veggies, but you would have to take it upon yourself to make sure your pet got enough vitamins and minerals that way. If they didn’t, you’d have to invest in supplementary tablets to make up for an insufficient diet.

Either way, seems like a lot of work, doesn’t it? The best idea is to always feed your dog with regular dog food. 

Can Dogs Get Bored From Eating The Same Food All The Time?

Thankfully, no. Dogs can eat the same food over and over, for years. They don’t get bored with the same meal as humans do!

If you want to, though, you can switch to a different dog food manufacturer from time to time. Or, you can make them a home-cooked meal every once in a while!

Dogs may not be bored with some foods, but they enjoy being pampered and cared for. Your pup needs love and attention just like you!

Can Dog Eats French Fries

What If The Dog Eats Too Many French Fries?

Sometimes, when the dog is determined to eat some food, he’s going to eat it – and there’s no stopping him. It was the same story with French fries.

So, once everyone got up from the table, the dog took no chances and grabbed the leftover bag with fries. Before anyone noticed, the puppy gobbled up a large serving of fries? What now?

Well, it could be something, but it could be nothing as well. Watch the dog’s reaction afterward. Some digestive troubles should appear, but if they last for longer than three days, a visit to the vet is ahead.

But the worst thing that can happen is bloat. Bloat is a severe medical condition that usually happens when the dog overeats. The larger breeds are more at risk, but they can affect any breed.

If you spot your dog trying to vomit, but nothing comes out – this is a sign of bloat! The dog could die if not tended to by a professional as soon as possible. The pet may even require surgery, so better go sooner rather than later!


To conclude, dogs can eat French fries. However, it might not be the best idea ever to do so.

Dogs can develop serious diseases from eating an unbalanced diet. They can become obese, get heart disease or diabetes, and leave you long before their time.

We know just the mere thought of your dog passing away makes you sad, and that’s the reason why we said it. Your dog needs a lot of vitamins and nutrients to thrive and stay by your side for years to come.

Junk food is never the way to go! If your pet asks for it constantly, be the bad wolf and say no. But in reality, you’re saying yes to your furry baby’s health!

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